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Underwater World specialises in the retail and maintenance of diving equipment and Scuba Dive training courses that include beginners, up to Instructor's courses.

We ofter dive travel to local and international destinations, and regularly plan dives for weekends.

With over 30 years of experience in all aspects of diving, your requests will be attended to with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

   HOWARDS CASTLE DELIVERS! Fantastic Dive with Remoras and breaching shark! [26.05.2013]

Occassionally, while on the way to or from the dive site, we are fortunate enough to see a ray or shark breach the water. What a spectaular sight this is, but a sight seldom seen from underwater.

While completing our safety stop last Sunday we were were visited by a remora infested black tip shark who kept swimming in to check us out, and then disappearring back into the blue. After about 7 mins of casual cruising, she turned vertical and shot out the water above us! She spun several time and landed side-on back in the water, pointed her nose down and disappeared... minus the remoras!

Wow! I was amazed. So much so, I completely forgot to take any photos of the breach!


This winter season has been sadly disappointing. Usually winter brings clean, clear, calm waters, albeit a little fresh! This year we've had rain throughout winter, and had yet to see those fantastic dive conditions we usually endure the cold for!

However, this week the reports have been coming in of visibility of 20m+, 30m, and 30 - 40m!!! Operators have been saying they haven't seen conditions like this in 6 months! Let's hope it stays this way for the next few months! Holding thumbs!