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Check the item works before paying for the item, as there are no warranties on second hand gear.

Ask as many questions as you can, and confirm what all is sold with the item.

Keep checking with us at the shop what second hand gear we have in stock. Sometimes we have a variety, sometimes nothing.

We do not sell second hand equipment on behalf of sellers.




GEAR - Second Hand Offers
Sea&Sea DX-GE5   YS-01 Strobe Set   DX-1G
Camera and Housing
Demo Model
R2 996
More Info

YS-01 Strobe, Fiber Optic Cable, Sea Arm VII
Demo Model
R2 996
More Info

Camera and Housing
Second Hand
R3 496
More Info

DX-GE5: Camera and housing

- 12.2MP and 4X optical zoom
- Recommended for all underwater photographers even beginners
- Digital camera waterproof to 5m
- Waterproof to 55m when used in housing
- Optional wide angel lens available
- Retails for R4 999

- PRICE: R2 996

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Sea&Sea YS-01 Strobe Set

YS-01 Strobe Set

Strobe, Fibre Optic Cable & Sea Arm VII

- Circular beam angle of 100" x 100"
- Guide number od 20 (ISO100)
- Switch between DS-TTL and 10-level manual control functions
- Powered by 4x AA batteries
- Recycle time of 1.9 seconds when using 2700mAH NiMh batteries
- Features a 1W LED focus light

- Retails for R5 999

- PRICE: R2 996

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Sea&Sea DX-1G

Sea&Sea DX-1G

DX-1G: Camera and Housing

- Depth rated to 55m
- Two fiber-optic cable sockets
- Built-in Flash diffuser
- Wide-angle conversion lens available

- 10.01MP CCD
- 24-72mm 3x optical zoom for wide-angle photography
- Vibration correction
- 1cm Macro for ultra close-up photography
- SEA&SEA mode, ideal for underwater photography
- Compatible with RAW data storage
- Aperture-priority mode and manual exposure mode also available

- PRICE: R3 496

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